Our team of brand experts and product developers combine the art and science of spirit creation to help you bring your product vision from concept to reality.

Every Spirit is a

Message in a Bottle.

What’s Yours?

The first smell, the color, the first sip of a spirit are the elements that craft a moment between you and that drink. That moment becomes a piece of your story, but there is much more to the story than that single drink. That spirit in your glass was once an idea, a dream, that was worked on, crafted, and turned into a fully realized product. It has an inspiration, a history, and a passion behind it. At Green River Spirits, our team helps you craft that story, taking it from your first idea to that drink in the glass, to the moment it becomes part of someone else’s story.

The only way to craft the very best spirits is with the finest ingredients.

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Where the Art and Science of Spirit Development Meet

“There has to be a better way.” – OZ Tyler

We have a long history with spirits, knowledge of the deep roots that have grown from the foundations of this industry. We take those cornerstones and combine them with a modern spirit of innovation and industry science to create something truly unique. Our highly qualified research and development team boasts more than 15 years of experience developing new spirits and flavored products for the global marketplace. We handle every aspect of spirits creation and regulation, using leading-edge analytical chemistry testing capabilities to ensure the highest standard of product quality. 

Combining this scientific creation and control with robust product testing guarantees that our products maintain a level of excellence throughout their market lifespan. It is a process and a passion that produces a custom spirit second to none.


We specialize in Private Label, Private Brand and Bulk Spirits. With over 50+ years of combined global brand creation experience, we develop beautifully crafted spirit brands with high consumer appeal.


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