Classically Crafted Spirits Guided By Modern Innovation

Green River Spirits is rooted in the Kentucky Bourbon tradition and guided by a team of spirits industry experts from distilling and product development to brand strategy, packaging, and marketing. As we’ve grown in knowledge and experience, our operations have grown. Where we once made one of the finest spirits in America, now we produce many of the finest spirits in the world. All through an exceptional team, world-class facilities, and an unparalleled global network of partnerships.

Starting in the South, Traveling the Globe

Our foundation is firmly rooted in Daviess County, Kentucky at the Green River Distillery. This historic facility was founded in 1885 and has been through far more history than its 130 years should carry. We respect our history here, and we’ve renovated not only to preserve the history but also to adopt the latest innovations in the spirits industry. That spirit of innovation and the legacy of tradition move from that distillery to our Charleston Innovation Center in South Carolina where our team of expert researchers and chemists work to constantly improve our methods and means. We’re always searching for a better way to craft the perfect custom spirit. And it doesn’t stop there.

Our extensive network of global distribution partners, as well as a team of industry experts and veterans, sends your spirits beyond the bottling line, across the globe. These spirits go on to win awards and become pieces in the stories of everyone who takes a sip. It’s a proud legacy that’s only getting better.

Our team of industry experts is second to none.

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We specialize in Private Label, Private Brand and Bulk Spirits. With over 50+ years of combined global brand creation experience, we develop beautifully crafted spirit brands with high consumer appeal.


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