As proud partners with some of the fastest growing and coolest brands, we provide award winning spirits + world class logistics support for supplier companies big and small.
We sell bulk bourbon + rye to global spirits companies and US craft distilleries to supplement their production needs.



To own a brand of distilled spirits you must be licensed as a Federal Basic Wholesaler. This process is undertaken by the brand owner and the TTB directly (we are not involved).



For a one-time development fee of $25,000 for the first product ($2,500 for each additional), our team will take your spirit concept and help translate it to the real world. *Product development can be done in tandem with permitting.
This fee covers the liquid flavor profile development & regulatory compliance steps needed for all new distilled spirit products. More than that, however, the development fee provides you with a dedicated team member to answer the hundreds of questions even experienced brand owners ask when transitioning to a new supplier.




Once the flavor profile has been created and approved by you, our team works with the TTB to obtain approval of the formula, then the label design.

Our compliance team will review your labels as a pre-check, ensuring the COLA review process is as quick as possible.




As our team manages the compliance process, you should be working with suppliers to ensure bottles, closures, cartons, labels, etc. are ready to be delivered once the approvals are in. Printing should wait until all approvals have been received, but glass and other materials can be delivered and staged for production.
We are happy to help you source material suppliers, if needed.




Once all approvals are completed and all needed packaging have been received into our facility, your first PO can be accepted and production scheduled! The minimum run is 1,000 nine liter cases (12x750ml cases) per SKU.

After the initial run, we offer you the ability to order simply on POs or by using a min-max system for faster turnarounds.


All said and done, the average new brand takes approximately 8 months to get to market.
Once through the initial production run, reorders are quick and easy.


Why does it take so long?

Product development is a complex process with many moving parts, even if you already have a recipe or packaging sourced. Our goal is to get all brands to market as quickly as possible, but that process is never as fast or easy as one would hope.
We’ve gone through this process with hundreds of products, so you can be confident your product development will be done correctly and as efficiently as possible. In such a heavily regulated industry, this level of experience provides you with more than than just peace of mind.

I already have ‘XYZ,’ so can you reduce the fee?

Unfortunately, not. While we try and be flexible and work with our customers as best we can, the product development process is much more than just liquid formulation. The one-time development fee covers all aspects of product development, regulatory compliance, manufacturing setup, sourcing support, product consultation, and more.
Even experienced brand owners will have many questions along the way and the development fee ensures there is always someone on this end of the phone to answer your calls, monitor the entire product development process, and provide whatever assistance you need.

How much capital will I need?

Capital is critical to any brand’s success, so we advise all new private brand customers budget a minimum of $350,000.

How does that break down?

  • Development fee: $25,000
  • Packaging: $6,000
  • Initial 1,000 case order: $90,000
  • Marketing and Working Capital (package design, website, promotions, reorders, etc.): $200,000
  • Freight and Misc Expenses: $2,500

Total: $323,500

These are all estimates, of course, and higher-end packaging, marketing, etc. can dramatically increase this cost.

Will you help with distribution?

Distribution is a tough and time-consuming process that we are not able to assist with.
By Federal law, distribution companies in each state are technically unrelated to distributors in other states. So even though large distributors may appear to be national in scale, they are actually conglomerates where each state “affiliate” is separately regulated and usually makes their own decisions as to what products to list. Thus, even if an affiliate in one state lists your product, others will not automatically carry it as well.
Brands live and die by distribution and no one distributor is right for every brand. So it does not make sense for us to get involved in such a complex and competitive environment. Instead, we specialize in contract spirit production: everything after the liquid product is produced and placed into your supplied packaging is up to you.