If you want to grow your spirits brand—a brand that captivates consumers alongside the biggest names on the shelf—then you belong at Green River Spirits Co.

This is where brands go to thrive, just as they have for generations. From our state-of-the-art distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to our state-of-the-art production and innovation center in Charleston, South Carolina, we offer everything to build of grow brands that win at shelf—from custom product development and production through brand design and bottling. Green River Spirits is large enough to meet the demands of category leaders but small enough that every client gets ongoing personal attention. We are a team of industry veterans from some of the world’s most successful spirits brands, including Beam-Suntory, Diageo, LVMH, and the Boston Beer Company. We’ve honed our focus on helping clients realize their brand aspirations, and every one of us will nurture your project past completion.
The liquid we produce is as exceptional as the support we can give. We produce a complete portfolio of clear and dark spirits. Like our acclaimed signature Green River Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, our genuine Kentucky bourbon and rye bear the mark of DSP-KY-10 and are distilled from locally sourced ingredients by eighth generation master distiller Jacob Call in Owensboro, KY. Our other spirits are produced in Charleston, SC, a hotbed of culinary innovation in a city that knows a thing or two about breathtaking flavor.

So whether you’re a retailer looking for a place to build brands that compete with category leaders, a private brand owner looking for a place to grow your product lines, or an exporter looking to invest in the highest quality spirits, our message to you is the same:

Welcome home.


Looks Good 

Our world-class team of experts works together to develop brands for our partners that look as good as they taste. With rich stories and impeccable design, the spirits we help produce can live eye-level and compete against premium brands and household names. We can help you develop a distinctive brand that captivates consumers and drives purchase. 

tastes good 

Our team crafts some of the best spirits in the world. Our whiskey is distilled by Eighth-Generation Master Distiller Jacob Call at the historic Green River distillery in Owensboro, Kentucky. There, we distill with 100% Kentucky corn sourced from local farmers we consider friends. We use the finest materials for distilling, including a 54-inch Vendome™ copper column at the top of our beer still, along with copper condensers and a copper doubler. All of this, and more, allows us to craft he smoothest whiskey possible. We also have a vibrant business creating spirits brands in other key categories produced in our production facility in Charleston, SC, a city known for flavor and culinary innovation. 

does good 

At every corner we look to be a steward to our community through our sustainability efforts, community involvement and care for the well-being of our employees. Through our Green River Cares initiative, we’re committed to making a difference.